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How Virtual Marketplaces Work

Unlike conventional e-commerce websites, virtual marketplaces transfer the burden of maintaining inventories, logistics, images, product descriptions, and pricing to the seller. There is more than one operational model for marketplaces, but the most common method involves marketplaces providing a way for sellers to connect their goods to interested buyers.

Our Advantages

We are a conglomerate of business owners, attorneys and investors that combined resources in order to ship high end goods and services all over the world at an unbelievably low price. Our family started with 10 people, all from the US. Today we are over 200 strong. Including politicians, lab owners, manufacturers, import/export…..every element we need to do what we do. So you have our Brand to chose from on our family site, however you also have something a bit more innovative.

We started The LIVE Marketplace. This allows people to quickly and easily get their product to potential buyers on the other side of the world. Also our buyers now have a way to see products for a fraction of the cost of the same product where they live. It has been 4 years of success so fare. we keep expanding our network and the family keeps getting bigger.

So check out our brand (every page except marketplace) . Check out The Live Marketplace. If you have friends or colleges that have a connection certified product and is able to sell it below typical cost, submit it to the site. Even if it is NOT certified, it can still be posted. Everything is labeled. Where it is, who makes it, what certifications it has, EVERYTHING. The buyer can make an intelligent decision knowing all the variables. ! You look like a superstar salesperson, meanwhile all you did was post. We have 24 hour customer service if you have any questions. We look forward to speaking with you.

The Advantages

Selling on a virtual marketplace isn’t the best decision for every business, but it does have advantages that make it a good option for some, such as:

    • Time and resources can be focused on products instead of on designing and maintaining your own virtual store. The biggest virtual marketplaces have mobile apps as well, expanding their reach, and, again, you don’t have to worry about designing or maintaining an app.
    • Visibility for your products and your business as a whole can improve when placed in front of the high traffic many virtual marketplaces attract. This increased visibility can help drive customers to your own website or your own brick-and-mortar location.
  • Small businesses can get off the ground with relatively low startup costs by using a virtual marketplace to promote and sell goods.